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New School VR helps parents, teachers, instructors, artists and engineers navigate the vast potential of VR and AR-assisted learning.

VR Learning Apps & Experiences



CoSpaces gives your imagination a place to unfold: Fantasy worlds, immersive birthday cards or virtual museums – with the free online platform you can easily create whatever you want in 3D and explore it in virtual reality, 360° or on a regular screen. Your creativity is the limit!



Lifeliqe sparks student excitement and curiosity. It empowers deep learning in K-12 STEM through curriculum-aligned lesson plans enhanced with over 1,000 interactive, beautiful 3D models.



We believe that virtual reality should not only be used for gaming but also for education. As research has shown, students remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and up to 90% of what they do or simulate. Virtual reality yields the latter scenario impeccably; students can interact with the virtual environment in person and manipulate the various objects within it. This supports “learning by doing” and also results in creativity by constructionism.



Mursion is the virtual reality environment where professionals practice and master the complex interpersonal skills necessary to be effective in high-stress professions. Used by a wide range of innovative organizations in healthcare, education, hospitality, finance, and other corporate sectors, Mursion delivers customized virtual reality simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges that professionals confront on the job every day.


Google Expeditions (VR Field Trips)

Imagine visiting the bottom of the sea or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Expeditions, teachers can take their classes on immersive virtual journeys to bring their lessons to life.



Nearpod is a unique mobile learning platform designed for the synchronized use of mobile devices in education. With Nearpod, teachers can create content, engage students digitally and assess students in real time.


WoofbertVR (Art Museum)

WoofbertVR presents fully immersive user-driven art, architecture and cultural experiences that can be viewed in Virtual Reality (VR) via any head-mounted display(HMD). With unparalleled access to and knowledge of the arts, WoofbertVR creates education opportunities that encourage inquiry, exploration and critical thinking through user-controlled experiences that engage eager minds across cities, countries and continents.


Immersive VR Education

Immersive Virtual Reality Education is for students of all ages and abilities who wish to learn through experience rather than memory testing. Using Immersive VR Environments we can place students in any real world or virtual situation with an active role in proceedings through various tasks they will need to complete. Situations and outcomes will dynamically change depending on the students input and this will keep the student active and engaged throughout the lesson.


Cerevrum (Brain Training)

Cerevrum Inc. is a cutting-edge company which is blending virtual reality (VR) with the field of education and training. Training soft skills is hard and costly as it is only efficient when practised in situations as close to real-life as possible. VR can dramatically boost the efficiency of the training process due to its immersion effect. By recreating real-world scenarios in VR, companies can improve employee engagement and concentration while practising. Skill Hub VR is a software product that can efficiently improve corporate soft skills training and take it to the next level.


House of Languages VR

Pioneering Virtual Reality studio packed with like-minded individuals and immense talents. Fox3D was established in 1999 and is a leading outsourcing studio used by many top game publishers based in the US and Europe.

House of Languages VR is a fun new way to learn English, German and Spanish using several channels of perception in a virtual reality environment. It’s an effective educational tool with the potential to reach millions of people around the world who want to broaden their vocabulary. With this virtual foundation, users can be more confident in practicing their chosen new language.


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