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Unimersiv was one of the first, and has become among the most widely used educational VR apps for classroom and personal use. Currently available for both Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets, Unimersiv offers a combination of custom-produced and curated educational experiences covering topics as diverse as space travel, history, archeology and human anatomy, with many new experiences currently in development.

Live from Paris, France, Unimersiv founder, Baptiste Grève, joins us in this episode to discuss the company’s origins, current offerings and future plans.

About Our Guest

Baptiste Grève

Before working on Unimersiv, Baptiste built a ‘brain training’ app that generated more than 100k downloads in a few months. Once acquired, he decided to focus his time working on VR and education. Unimersiv started as a side project and is now an incorporated company supported by international investors. Baptiste also worked as a UX designer and a web developer in several additional startups, including Groupon and Adveris.

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