Greetings, NSVR listeners! (And readers, or whatever.) This week’s show is based on a couple of presentations I had the opportunity to give in Portland, OR over the past two weeks. In lieu of having a guest on the show for this episode, I thought I’d just combine the two, and throw in some extra visual aids. This is a “101” level overview of VR, AR and 360 technologies that I and many others have found useful. Ready?

You can see and listen to the show in its entirety here in this YouTube video:

Additionally, you can grab the slides themselves if you’re so inclined, available at

As always, I wanted to include a list of apps mentioned during the show along with some links, should you have an interest in exploring these tools further. Here ya go:

AR/VR/MR Headsets (“HMDs”)

VR & AR Learning Apps

360° Cameras

These are only a few of the apps and equipment out there, but almost all were mentioned during this particular show. Please feel free to shoot any questions my way at, be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app, and thanks so much for listening!

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