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“Stoke Their Wonder,” a notable quote from seasoned educator, Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Professor at Concordia University, Shawn Daley. The New School VR podcast sprang to life after a conversation between Daley and show creator, Pinky Gonzales, in October of 2016, so it’s an honor to feature him as the show’s first guest, and to announce Concordia University as an official sponsor.

Daley is leading the charge to unify parents, teachers and the technology community at large to better engage students and collectively work to explore the potential of virtual and augmented reality experiences in the classroom and beyond.

Topics of this show include the use of AR to teach history lessons on-location, tools that are available to non-technical educators, integrating VR & AR into the classroom with a STEAM mindset (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), and the power of empathy in the learning process.

About our Guest

Shawn Daley Concordia UniversityShawn Daley

Chief Innovation Officer & Associate Professor of Education, Concordia University
Director of Innovation, St. Mary’s Academy
Founder, Daley Tech Consulting


Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Educational Psychology and Educational Technology, Michigan State University
Master of Arts, History, Portland State University
Master of Arts, Teaching. George Fox University
Bachelor of Arts, History, Loyola University

Shawn Daley is the Chief Innovation Officer at Concordia University and an Associate Professor in the College of Education, where he has taught courses in Educational Technology, History Education, and Educational Psychology. He joined the College of Education at Concordia University in the summer of 2010, after serving as an adjunct professor for the College since 2005. For ten years prior, he worked in the private and public school systems in Oregon, working for 3 years at Jesuit High School and 7 years at Gresham High School. He was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2015.

His present research interests include the educational affordances of immersive technology (AR/VR/MR, etc.), and he is examining whether programming in virtual reality has an impact on the motivations and self-efficacy of teachers in training. He also seeks to understand informal learning networks, particularly those that have developed as a result of adult and adolescent engagement in social media, and specifically with respect to political engagement. He also is continually examining the impact of design thinking frameworks on the pedagogical habits of professors and teachers, and explores opportunities for dialogue between designers and educators.

As Chief Innovation Officer, he is investigating use cases for virtual reality technology within higher education, and believes in the power of virtuality to teach empathy and expand knowledge transfer.

He lives in North Portland with his wife, Cadie, and his three children.

Products and Companies Mentioned In the Show

EON Reality

People Mentioned In the Show

Brad Waid, Global Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur
Amber Case, Harvard University
Dr. Christopher Dede, Harvard University
Dr. John Bell, Michigan State University
Paul Reynolds, Vertex Labs 3D
Shelley Midthun, Oregon Story Board
Nick Lambert, Oregon Story Board
Anthony Pires, Oregon Story Board
Kent Bye, Voices of VR

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