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Empathy and Experiential Learning with Nathanael Andreini – Show 3

Show Summary

Nathanael Andreini is a globally-minded artist, educator and founding director of Open Space Performing Arts (OSPA), an experiential arts program that facilitates social and emotional intelligence, cross-cultural skills, and team building workshops around the world. Profoundly impacted by the cultural response in Japan to the Fukushima earthquake while working there as an English teacher in 2011, Andreini has dedicated his career to healing and strengthening communities through the arts and education.

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Paul Reynolds, Vertex Labs 3D – Show 2

Show Summary

Paul Reynolds has pioneered advanced technologies for the internet, mobile devices and both virtual and augmented realities for more than two decades, and for some of the most lauded tech companies in the world, including Atari, Electronic Arts, and Magic Leap.

In episode 2 of the New School VR Podcast, we sit down with Paul to discuss the educational experiences he developed for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, what he’s up to with his new company, Vertex Labs 3D, and why he made the 3,000 mile move from Dania Beach, FL to Portland, OR in the summer of 2016. (Spoiler: Because Portland is the jam.) We also riff about tools currently available to both technical and non-technical educators. read more…

Shawn Daley, Concordia University – Show 1

Show Summary

“Stoke Their Wonder,” a notable quote from seasoned educator, Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Professor at Concordia University, Shawn Daley. The New School VR podcast sprang to life after a conversation between Daley and show creator, Pinky Gonzales, in October of 2016, so it’s an honor to feature him as the show’s first guest, and to announce Concordia University as an official sponsor.

Daley is leading the charge to unify parents, teachers and the technology community at large to better engage students and collectively work to explore the potential of virtual and augmented reality experiences in the classroom and beyond. read more…

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