Industrial Training International

It’s not every day you discover one of the world’s foremost leaders of VR-assisted learning right in your own back yard, but that’s exactly what I found with Industrial Training International (ITI), thanks to a recent write-up about the company on

Based in Woodland, WA, just a stone’s throw from Portland, OR, ITI has been has been in the industrial training business since 1986. They work with companies and organizations of great consequence, from utility providers to the federal government and beyond, and teach engineers and heavy equipment operators how to use the massive machines that make colossal-scale construction and maintenance possible. For decades, they have provided hands-on training using real equipment at their eight training centers around the globe, and are now releasing one of the most impressive VR simulators the industry has ever seen.

Built in partnership with Serious Labs (whom we hope to have on a future episode of the New School VR podcast), ITI will begin making their crane training program commercially available this March. I had the fortune to give it a spin prior to this week’s interview, and simply cannot over-state how polished and well-considered this experience really is, from the use of open source standards that ensure its compatibility with multiple high-end HMDs (Rift, Vive, etc), to the UX and workflow itself. Literally within minutes, a noob like myself can go from never having seen the inside of a crane to being able to operate one… badly, but that’s where practice comes in, and why a relatively low cost, “always available” solution like ITI’s will be so valuable to industry professionals.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed producing it, and stay tuned for future updates from ITI and their stellar network of partners.

About Our Guests

Zack Parnell, President

Zack has served ITI professionally since 2009 but grew up working in the business during summer-breaks since he can remember. Prior to becoming President in 2015, he had served the company in Sales, Marketing, Bookstore, E-Learning and Operations.





Caleb Steinborn

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Caleb came to work at ITI in Spring 2016 after meeting Zack Parnell in his Entrepreneurship class at WSU Vancouver, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Management of Information Systems (MIS). Inspired by a lifelong love for technology and organization, Caleb serves the company as the Product Manager for ITI VR.

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