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Dr. Carrie Straub joins us in this show to discuss the role of real human interaction in virtual reality training simulations. Instructional designers have become adept in crafting training programs for the purpose of transferring repeatable information through LMS and similar e-learning programs, but teaching emotional, interpersonal skills (“EQ”) for career-specific applications is a profoundly greater challenge.

Imagine a world where pilots “learned to fly” by reading textbooks and passing exams without ever sitting in a cockpit. Would you trust the lives of your children on their debut voyage in the skies?

Though perhaps an extreme example of the difference between technical understanding and real-world experience, virtual simulations are so powerful because they can emulate real-life scenarios in an otherwise safe environment. So it’s no surprise that “live action” and virtual simulations have been deployed in flight training programs for decades, let alone emergency response and many other high-stakes occupations.

Engaging a classroom full of children however, is akin to flying dozens of planes at once. Each with their own headwinds, performance characteristics and fuel tank capacities to consider. And the same is true of many professions, from working the front desk at a large hotel to selling a group of C-level executives on a new platform, program or service.

In a word, some things cannot be taught by computers alone, even in the age of virtual and augment reality assisted training programs.

Enter Mursion, a company that blends live human interaction with virtual characters in simulated professional environments, enhanced with a dash of artificial intelligence.

Based on research spearheaded by the University of Central Florida and funded in large part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mursion is the commercialized manifestation of over a decade of research in the field of human-assisted virtual training, and the results they’re now seeing are astounding.

In this show, you’ll hear Dr. Carrie Straub discuss the results of a 6 month program involving 15,000+ employees at 2,200 locations of an internationally recognized hotel chain, and learn how impactful just 10 minutes of training with each, produced the biggest jump in Net Promoter Scores ever seen by the corporation.

About Our Guest

As the Executive Director of Education Programs and Research, Dr. Carrie Straub directs all major activities related to designing and implementing virtual simulations for the 75+ educational service organizations with whom Mursion partners. This includes leading simulation design and delivery for NOTE®, ETS’ next generation performance assessment for teacher licensure.


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