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Nathanael Andreini is a globally-minded artist, educator and founding director of Open Space Performing Arts (OSPA), an experiential arts program that facilitates social and emotional intelligence, cross-cultural skills, and team building workshops around the world. Profoundly impacted by the cultural response in Japan to the Fukushima earthquake while working there as an English teacher in 2011, Andreini has dedicated his career to healing and strengthening communities through the arts and education.

Though not a “VR industry professional,” Andreini’s work illustrates the form and function of empathy itself in the modern world. And because empathy is so widely believed to be one of the great emotional outcomes of virtual and augmented learning experiences, I simply could not pass on the opportunity to speak with our guest about the topic.

In this show, we learn about his early influences, growing up in a multi-cultural neighborhood in San Mateo, CA, the circuitous career path that led him through France, Japan, Slovenia and coast-to-coast in the United States, and what specific exercises he and his team have employed to help people both express themselves and better understand each other in the real world.

About Our Guest

Nathanael Andreini has a Master of Arts in International Education and Transcultural Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University. He is certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and has taught in Japan, Italy, and Slovenia. Additionally, he has had many opportunities to visit classrooms as a guest artist and lecturer.

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