HoloLens in Medical Education and Training with Peter Campbell – Show 12

Peter Campbell is a 20+ year veteran of the educational technology space. From his early work as the Director of Academic Technology at Montclair State University, to his recent role as Director of Strategy, Immersive Learning Solutions for Pearson, “the world’s leading learning company,” Campbell has dedicated his career to computer-assisted learning modalities. (more…)

AR Assisted Surgery & Medical Training with Matt Witkamp of Citizen, Inc. – Show 5

Show Summary

Matt Witkamp has seen the future of AR-assisted surgery and medical training. In fact his team at Citizen Inc., in partnership with Stanford Medicine and Microsoft, have literally invented it.

Project Serra is a Hololens application that allows surgeons to see real 3D MRI visualizations directly a-top of patients on the operating table, helping to more precisely locate and extract life-threatening tumors.


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