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New School VR helps parents, teachers, instructors, artists and engineers navigate the vast potential of VR and AR-assisted learning.

About The Show

New School VR is the #1 podcast on VR and AR-assisted learning. Recorded live at Concordia University, the show features insights and interviews with edtech leaders around the globe. Topics range from academic to industrial training applications, hardware and software reviews, immersive learning theory and more.

For under a hundred bucks today, we can own and embrace what took a century of research and trillions of dollars to invent. Virtual worlds in the palms of our hands. Profound learning opportunities opening up to every parent, teacher and student, all over the world. History, geography, mathematics, science, the arts, athletics and beyond, all areas of study and professional development can and will be enhanced through virtual and augmented experiences.

New School VR was founded in the fall of 2016 to help parents, teachers, and learners of all ages and occupations explore the vast and unlimited worlds of virtual and augmented learning. Thank you for your interest in the show.

Your Host

pinky-gonzales-headshotHi. I’m Pinky Gonzales, an award-winning college professor, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, public speaker and high school drop-out, and I would rather hurl myself into oncoming traffic than suffer the estimated 2,000 classroom hours required to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Both my academic and professional careers have been influenced by a textbook case of ADHD, which went undiagnosed until my late 30’s. When I sink my teeth into something, it’s all I can think about, dream about, read about, talk about and sometimes even teach about. Unfortunately, my response is just the opposite to anything I find uninteresting, to the point that I was flunked, suspended and even arrested for ditching school throughout my high school years. Anything to avoid the trauma of classroom boredom seemed a better alternative, and yet, I love to learn.

For these reasons and more, I am beyond fascinated… inspired by the potential for virtual and augmented realities to improve lives through better learning experiences. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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