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HoloLens in Medical Education and Training with Peter Campbell – Show 12

Peter Campbell is a 20+ year veteran of the educational technology space. From his early work as the Director of Academic Technology at Montclair State University, to his recent role as Director of Strategy, Immersive Learning Solutions for Pearson, “the world’s leading learning company,” Campbell has dedicated his career to computer-assisted learning modalities.

Today, he serves as the founder and CEO of xpereal, an immersive experience consultancy focused on the needs of the education and training industry. In this episode of the New School VR podcast, Peter talks at length about HoloPatient, a holographic app his team at Pearson, in partnership with San Diego State University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and Microsoft, created for nursing education.

Based on Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, the system helps aspiring medical professionals diagnose and treat illnesses with holographic, live-action, virtual patients acting out various symptoms and conditions. Check out the video below for a sample of exactly what that looks like:
Peter has also provided some excellent additional videos and reading materials for those interested in further exploring the use of virtual training and simulation technologies in the medical profession and beyond.

Holographic video capture:

  • Here’s a video of HoloPatient, a holographic app my team created for nursing education. This was a partnership with San Diego State University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and Microsoft.
  • This short video gives you a good overview of the process used to capture and create such holograms.
  • And here’s an amusing video on Star Trek’s George Takei (Mr. Sulu from the original show) being captured and converted into a hologram.

HoloLens in medical education:

  • This video shows what Case Western Reserve University is doing with HoloLens.
  • Here’s a slightly longer version of what Case Western is doing.
  • Here’s the press release for the project I started for nursing education.
  • Here’s a talk I gave at the AR In Action conference in January 2017, sharing the business case and telling the story behind the nursing holograms app, HoloPatient.
  • I’m working with MediVis, a company based out of NYC that provides holographic content to teach anatomy and physiology. I’m also partnering with Microsoft to provide the holographic video capture service mentioned above.
HoloLens in different disciplines:

Where to find Peter Campbell Online:

Official Website: https://www.xpereal.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/souprabbit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/souprabbit

Teaching and Learning with VR, AR and 360 Technologies with Pinky Gonzales – Show 11

Greetings, NSVR listeners! (And readers, or whatever.) This week’s show is based on a couple of presentations I had the opportunity to give in Portland, OR over the past two weeks. In lieu of having a guest on the show for this episode, I thought I’d just combine the two, and throw in some extra visual aids. This is a “101” level overview of VR, AR and 360 technologies that I and many others have found useful. Ready?

You can see and listen to the show in its entirety here in this YouTube video:

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Industrial Grade VR Training with ITI – Show 10

Industrial Training International

It’s not every day you discover one of the world’s foremost leaders of VR-assisted learning right in your own back yard, but that’s exactly what I found with Industrial Training International (ITI), thanks to a recent write-up about the company on RoadtoVR.com.

Based in Woodland, WA, just a stone’s throw from Portland, OR, ITI has been has been in the industrial training business since 1986. They work with companies and organizations of great consequence, from utility providers to the federal government and beyond, and teach engineers and heavy equipment operators how to use the massive machines that make colossal-scale construction and maintenance possible. For decades, they have provided hands-on training using real equipment at their eight training centers around the globe, and are now releasing one of the most impressive VR simulators the industry has ever seen. read more…

Traversing Time & Space with Unimersiv – Show 9

Show Summary

Unimersiv was one of the first, and has become among the most widely used educational VR apps for classroom and personal use. Currently available for both Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets, Unimersiv offers a combination of custom-produced and curated educational experiences covering topics as diverse as space travel, history, archeology and human anatomy, with many new experiences currently in development.

Live from Paris, France, Unimersiv founder, Baptiste Grève, joins us in this episode to discuss the company’s origins, current offerings and future plans. read more…

Best in Class VR Apps for Educators with Jaime Donally- Show 8

Show Summary

Jaime Donally has been using VR and AR technologies in the classroom for years, and has helped thousands of learning professionals do the same as a global speaker and one of the foremost experts on the subject. In this podcast, Jaime covers over a dozen current (and former) VR and AR applications every teacher should know about.

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AR Assisted Surgery & Medical Training with Matt Witkamp of Citizen, Inc. – Show 5

Show Summary

Matt Witkamp has seen the future of AR-assisted surgery and medical training. In fact his team at Citizen Inc., in partnership with Stanford Medicine and Microsoft, have literally invented it.

Project Serra is a Hololens application that allows surgeons to see real 3D MRI visualizations directly a-top of patients on the operating table, helping to more precisely locate and extract life-threatening tumors.

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The Essential Role Of Human Interaction In VR-Assisted Learning, with Dr. Carrie Straub of Mursion – Show 4

Show Summary

Dr. Carrie Straub joins us in this show to discuss the role of real human interaction in virtual reality training simulations. Instructional designers have become adept in crafting training programs for the purpose of transferring repeatable information through LMS and similar e-learning programs, but teaching emotional, interpersonal skills (“EQ”) for career-specific applications is a profoundly greater challenge.

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Empathy and Experiential Learning with Nathanael Andreini – Show 3

Show Summary

Nathanael Andreini is a globally-minded artist, educator and founding director of Open Space Performing Arts (OSPA), an experiential arts program that facilitates social and emotional intelligence, cross-cultural skills, and team building workshops around the world. Profoundly impacted by the cultural response in Japan to the Fukushima earthquake while working there as an English teacher in 2011, Andreini has dedicated his career to healing and strengthening communities through the arts and education.

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